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Timothy (Tim) Casey RIP


Sadly, Tim Casey, the well-known and liked Grange/Holycross (Co Limerick) farmer, passed away unexpectedly at his home on Monday, 14 May 2018. May Tim Rest In Peace.

On behalf of the administrators of this website, I extend sincere sympathy and condolences to Tim's wife, Mary, to his children, Daniel, Katie and Annie, to his siblings Tom and Patricia (Dunlop), to other relatives and to his circle of friends.

I knew Tim since our days at Grange National School from the mid 1950s to the early 1960s. Tim was a quiet and private man, dedicated to his family and running his farm.

Tim Casey at Grange Stone Circle

Tim facilitated many of us over the years, as did his father, Paddy, before him, in gaining access to the shores of Lough Gur through his fields at Grange/Holycross, bounded by the main road (Limerick-Kilmallock) and Lough Gur. We entered at the location of Grange Stone Circle (Líos Na Gráinsí) and, having walked through a couple of fields, we arrived quickly at the lake. These lake shores, known fondly as 'Casey's side', were favoured for the absence of crowds and ideal for pike, eel and rudd fishing in a peaceful setting. We fished there frequently from childhood to more recent times.

Tim frequently facilitated his community by permitting car parking on his land when large numbers of people attended events at or adjacent to Grange Church.

Tim, assisted by family members, wrote an article, titled Grange Stone Circle, which was published in the book Grange Past and Present in 2015. Tim's article may be read HERE. The following is an extract from the first page of his article:

Tim (left) with a visitor to Grange Stone Circle

"Grange Stone Circle [located on the Casey farm, immediately across the road from the Casey home] and other monuments have always been part of the lives of the Casey family going back for generations. Proximity to Grange Stone Circle and other monuments has guaranteed this. In reality, it would be difficult to live in this wider locality - steeped in history, folklore and archaeology, not to mention the magnificent Lough Gur - without being deeply touched by the wonder of it all. It is a privilege to live and farm in such a prestigious and colourful environment. I have always been interested in the history and archaeology of the wider Lough Gur area, which includes a number of parishes, and I am pleased that my family members share this interest, particularly my daughter, Annie, who involves herself in many facets, including the Lough Gur Heritage Centre.

Tim (right) with a visitor to Grange Stone Circle

Being aware of the national and international importance of Grange Stone Circle, surrounded by my farm land, I took steps some years ago to protect the site, in so far as I could, by fencing off the monument so that it would not become damaged by farm animals. It gives me great pleasure to see the thousands of people from near and wide, many from overseas, who come to visit the monument increasingly and to gaze upon its splendour in jaw-dropping awe. I meet many of these visitors. I extend welcome, provide information and answer many of their questions, and I also refer some of them on to much more knowledgeable local sources, as appropriate, including, of course, the magnificent Lough Gur Heritage Centre and local archaeologist, Michael Quinlan."

Alas, future visitors to Grange Stone Circle will not experience Tim's warm welcomes and his knowledgeable imparting of information and guidance. Those who were fortunate enough over the years to have met Tim at the site will, no doubt, remember him fondly and with appreciation.

Over the years, the summer solstice was marked by the attendance of many at Grange Stone Circle to witness the new dawn at this ancient monument. Tim was frequently in attendance and a report of one such event can be read HERE.

Farewell, Tim, you will be Remembered.

Tommy Hourigan


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