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We Wish Everybody a Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Dolores O'Riordan and Elisa Sing 'Silent Night' - CLICK

ENYA will Sing 'Happy Christmas' for You - CLICK

We wish all Grange locality residents, Grange people overseas and throughout Ireland, people with Grange connections, people of neighbouring parishes, friends of Grange and everybody who visits this website a Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. We hope that Santa Claus will not disappoint.

We are conscious that this Christmas may be a lonely and sad time for those whose loved ones passed away over the years and especially since since Christmas 2018. Despite any sadness, we hope that you will find some measure of acceptance and peace over the festive season, as well as renewed strength of mind to bring into the New Year and a new decade.

A New Year, 2020, is on the horizon! We hope that this will be a happy and fulfilling period in your life and that only good things will happen over the year and the new decade for you and your loved ones.

You can CLICK on the links below to listen to popular Christmas Music and to great Christmas Stories. You can also view some beautiful Christmas Images below.

A Happy Christmas and Very Best Wishes to All.


Christmas Music and Song

CLICK for White Christmas by Bing Crosby

CLICK for 40 Popular Christmas Songs and Carols

CLICK for Christmas Songs

CLICK for 'This is Christmas' Music

Click for 3 Hours of Christmas Music - Piano & Orchestra


Christmas Audio Stories

CLICK for Greatest Christmas Short Stories

CLICK for Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens

CLICK for "A Christmas Carol" - the Full Story


Christmas Images


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