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More Life Stories

There are Many More Stories to be Told


The Grange Book contains many stories about families and personalities, past and present. Although the book extends to some 700 pages, it was not possible to carry everybody's story.

Clearly, it may be many years before a second book will emerge. In the meantime, many of us are growing old, and perhaps we would like to tell our own stories for the record, like the many who did so for the book.

This Grange Website presents a tremendous opportunity to capture and share the untold stories so far.

So, a project will commence during the first half of 2017 whereby the outstanding stories will be collected and written to the same standard of those in the book. Of course, it will be done only for those families and personalities who will wish to participate.

The methodology will be the same as that used for the book, i.e. interviews, research and careful writing.

We will report progress on this page, and while a small number of new articles are now included, we hope that many more will appear here regularly. We think that there is potential for scores of new articles, whether about families or individual persons (personalities). 

Articles Assembled since

the Book was Published

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