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Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Examination Time is Here

This is tough, but I feel in control!

At this juncture, it is appropriate to think of the many students who are about to take the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Examinations and to wish them well over the coming weeks. By now, all of the hard work has been done, and it is much too late to say anything useful here about academic preparation. What can be said now is that the time for cool heads and calmness has arrived. Not only is it a time for student calmness, it is a time for parents, guardians, other family members and friends to manage all their own instinctive feelings of panic and worry, so as to avoid transferring any negative thoughts to the examination student, who will be tense and stressed enough without loved ones unintentionally adding to that load. It is a time for confidence building, positivity and gentle encouragement. So, we ought to acknowledge all of the hard work put in by the student over recent years and, particularly, over recent months, and to encourage mental and physical preparation for the important days ahead. As well as a calm mind, the need to eat properly to sustain energy levels and the benefits of sleeping well, in advance of each examination, are very important. A tired body often means a tired mind - not an ideal state for maximising examination performance. So, good luck in your examinations to all Grange locality students and, indeed, to all students. Give it your best shot! There is no more that you can do. Remember, calmness in the examination hall will help you to achieve your potential! Calmness will help you to make good decisions and to utilise precious examination time to best effect. So, from the moment that you first lay eyes on an examination paper, nasty surprises or not, stay in control! Best Wishes to All Examination Students.

From the Administrators of the Grange Parish Website

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