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A Magnificent Hurling Year!


While the Grange Parish Book of some 700 pages, with more than 80 articles, may be read in its entirety on this website, it may be a daunting task to undertake online over a short period. Therefore, it has been decided to encourage visitors to this site and our Facebook Friends to read just one article every week, if the subject matter will be of sufficient interest. With this objective, we will suggest one article each week over a long timeframe.

In the year in which Limerick won the Senior All-Ireland Hurling Championship in magnificent style and Sean Finn of Bruff won an All-Star, it seems fitting that the first article to be suggested for reading should have a strong hurling connection.

The article A Family Tribute to Tom 'Toastie' O'Connell and Dolly O'Connell has been selected.

Toastie (RIP), as Tom was affectionately known, hailed from Fedamore (a neighbouring parish to Grange in County Limerick) and settled down in Grange for the greater part of his life where he and Dolly (RIP) reared a large family. Tom was known far and wide for his love of hurling and the GAA. He played for Fedamore and after moving to Grange he became involved with the Bruff GAA Club. Over many years, he encouraged many young lads, including his sons, to play hurling and football competitively. He willingly ferried youngsters to training sessions and games.

Tom was no armchair supporter. Over his life, he attended in the region of forty All-Ireland Finals (hurling and football). He rarely missed a Munster Hurling Championship game and he cycled to venues such as Thurles, Cork, Killarney and Ennis to those matches.

Tom passed away some years ago. How he would have revelled in Limerick's 2018 success!

The article may be read HERE. We hope you enjoy it.

Another article will be suggested for reading next week.

Best Regards to All.

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