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Article from the Grange Parish Book suggested for reading this week (week 12)


Grange Church (Dedicated to Saints Bridget and Patrick)

The foundation stone to the present church in Grange was laid on 10 July 1837 by Bishop Dr Ryan. The new church replaced the old 18th century thatched building. The present church has been renovated and upgraded over the years since it was originally established. The cross on the roof blew down during 'The Big Wind' of 1839 - it was reinstated and has remained in position since then. Mary Gallagher charted the history of Grange Church in her article in the Grange Book. The following is an extract relating to upgrading/renovations carried out in 1996/1997.

Grange Church

"The refurbishment commenced in 1996 and was completed the following year. The building works were carried out by Nash Builders. The Sisters of Mercy in Limerick donated the altar and marble for the ambo and seat. “Ambo” is an ancient term from the twelfth century, gradually superseded by the terms “pulpit” and “lectern”. After many years of disuse, the old baptismal font was brought into service again. Many of the older generation who had been baptised in it were delighted to see it being used again.Thanks mainly to the generosity of the parishioners, the opening and dedication of the church by Bishop Donal Murray, Limerick, took place on the 27th April 1997. Encased in the altar is a brief history of Grange and its parishioners written by Miriam Gallagher - to be read, who knows when, by a future generation when this fine old building will have yielded yet again to the passage of time."

Grange Church

A separate but very closely related book article provided a plan of the graveyard (by Minie O'Brien) that surrounds the church as well as meticulously documenting the grave inscriptions (by Noel Dempsey) at a point in time in 2015. The following is an extract from the article:

"The oldest recorded burial was John Dondon, 1741, aged 18 (No 112). A fifth of the headstones record the names of people who were born in the 1700s, the earliest being James Power, who was born in 1709 and died in 1784 at the age of 75 (No 102)."

The article titled Grange Church may be read in full HERE. The article titled Graveyard Inscriptions at Grange Church may be read in full HERE. Next week (week 13 ) we will suggest another article for reading

Kind Regards to All.


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