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Article from the Grange Parish Book suggested for reading this week (week 9)


Anthony Bourke of Grange This week (week 9) the suggested reading from the Grange Parish Book is a beautifully written article about her father, Anthony Bourke of Grange, written by Marion Dawson.

Anthony, an all-too-young man, passed away suddenly in February, 1974. He was in the middle of building a hay barn. As Marion said, 'his soft heart failed him'. Those of us who are old enough to remember Anthony's passing will recall the shock throughout the parish and beyond. Anthony was in his prime, a strong, energetic and healthy-looking man - anchorman for a local tug-of-war team. Marion charted the Bourke and Doran (Anthony's mother was Doran) families of Grange and the life of her father in particular. Clearly, Anthony was first and foremost a supreme family man. For those of us old enough, Marion's story brings back memories not only of Anthony, but of other personalities and characters from the past, including Paddy 'Louis' Bourke, Sam Bourke, Mary Carey, George Shinnors and the Doran brothers of Lower Grange (shop). The following is an extract from Marion's article:

"My parents eventually settled in the present house in Grange, and we, their three children, were brought into the world to a happy home surrounded by good neighbours and family friends. A lot of work was done by Mom and Dad to make the house a home - Dad could turn his hand to anything. He was very content with his life and increasingly was involved in farming for himself. He worked for the Shannon Foundry in Limerick, and he cut silage with John McAuliffe and Tom Casey. He delivered eggs for Eddie Drew, who ran a shop in Grange in the 1970s." The full article, Anthony Bourke, may be read HERE.

Kindest Regards to Breda Bourke and to all her family members. Next week (week 10) we will suggest another article for reading.

Happy New Year to All.


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