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He Took On the Most Violent Drug Lords in New York: His Ancestors were Grange People

Michael McGuinness, Retired (1992) Lieutenant, New York Police Department, is a descendant of William Purcell (1747-1795), Grange Hill, SE County Limerick, Ireland. His grandmother was Delia Purcell (1882-1947) who married James Naughton of Crean, Bruff. Delia and James married (1904) and immigrated to the U.S.A.

Michael and his wife, Dianne, came to County Limerick some years ago to hunt down Michael's Irish ancestry. They uncovered Michael's Irish roots, back to William Purcell of Grange Hill. The results of their detailed investigations are chronicled in an article entitled The Purcell Family of Grange, contained in the Grange Parish Book - Grange, Past and Present (2015). The article may be read on this website - - CLICK HERE.

The purpose of this post is to alert readers to a NEW ARTICLE, just published on this website, titled Mike McGuinness, Son of Grange and Crean, Distinguished Officer of the NYPD (Retired). The new story provides a fascinating insight to drug related crime lords and their murderous gang activities in New York in the 1980s and early 1990s, when Detective Michael McGuinness, NYPD, was a lead police officer tasked with apprehending drug lords and their gang members and closing down their criminal operations, the scourge of society at the time. A number of notorious crime lords are profiled in the article. Their horrendous terrorising of New Yorkers is described. Eventually, they were all removed from the streets by law enforcement agencies. Detective Michael McGuinness played a major role. The magnificent work by Detective McGuinness on the streets and in the background in apprehending several crime lords and their underlings and bringing them to justice, at great personal danger to himself, is described in the article. Michael arrested a number of crime lords himself, including the notorious and murderous Lorenzo 'Fat Cat' Nichols. Grange and Crean can be extremely proud of Michael McGuinness. The article is a 'must-read' - CLICK HERE. Michael features in the FBI Files documentary films. CLICK HERE to watch an episode in which Michael participated.

I sincerely thank Dianne McGuinness of New York, Michael's wife, for providing me with the vast bulk of the research material that made this article possible. I wish Michael and Dianne many more happy and healthy years of retirement.

Tommy Hourigan

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