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Christmas Carol Service at Grange Church

Many of you will be fans of the regular and frequent blog postings by Mike Barry on HX Reports (under the name michealdebarra).

Mike's regular posts - engaging, informative and entertaining - are a joy to read.

Mike is presently home on leave from Qatar to enjoy Christmas 2017, and as one would anticipate, he is out and about exercising his cameras.

He attended the recent Christmas Carol Service at Grange Church and subsequently posted an eloquent account of the service, backed up by great photographs, despite less than ideal lighting for photography.

Why don't you read Mike's report on the carol service for yourself and enjoy his photographs? CLICK HERE for instant access.

To read Mike's report on the newly reopened shop and filling station at Holycross, CLICK HERE.

To read other posts by Mike, CLICK HERE.

Thank you, Mike, and enjoy your brief holiday back in the Grange locality.



#carolservice #christmascarols #Holycrossshop

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