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Mindless Vandalism Raises Its Ugly Head Once More

Mindless anti-social behaviour by the depraved!

DISAPPOINTED - DISGUSTED and PERPLEXED...once again! After hours and hours of volunteer work on our roads using the money fund raised from you the parishioners - VANDALS have uprooted and stolen shrubbery including mature rose bushes and have tried to destroy the beautiful flower and shrub displays on our Back Road - Grange belongs to ALL of us and, for the benefit of ALL, the GCRA took great pride and delight in making our village roads stand out with amazing displays of flowers and shrubs all year round - can we ask all parishioners, and can we ask you to ask your family and friends, to be vigilant in our area to stop these vandals once and for all - if you see anything suspicious in the area, please contact the Gardai immediately or contact one of the GCRA committee members, who will take the information and pass it on - who knows these types? - they may strike homes next and frighten people - We DO NOT want this type of behaviour in our parish - help us to keep Grange safe and our roads to remain the magnificent attraction that they have already become - Thank You.

Posted by GCRA - please share this and ask all your friends to share it too ! Let's get the word out there - feeling pained!

#GCRA #vandalism #shrubs #flowers #Gardai #roadflowerbeds #information #vigilance

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