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Holycross AFC - 50th Anniversary Book

"Patterson has produced a sporting and literary masterpiece" - New York Times book review

"The Holycross book sparkles and dances" - Roddy Doyle

"Pattersons playful use of the English language is wicked; a tour de force" - Kevin Barry

"I seriously wish I'd written it, like seriously" - Eamon Dunphy

"A sports book with few peers" - Sydney Morning Herald

Ok, ok. So the above are a tad on the 'fake news' side of things, but what the heck. If any of those quoted will some day read the Holycross book, then superlatives will flow and plaudits will be heaped (as is the way with plaudits).

The Holycross book was launched on Saturday night last at the Holycross AFC 50th anniversary celebrations at Bulgaden Castle Lounge following a 'just in time' production effort of the Holycross scribes, and the best brains & technology of Cube Printing. The first copy of the book was presented by MC on the night Mike Barry to Adam Reardon, who was representing dad and club life President John, who was unfortunately unable to attend.

The lead-up to the finished production was a story in itself. An underage player who appeared in a team photo from 2003 defied naming. Extensive social media posting of the young player, known to all and sundry as 'Nr 9', failed to produce a name or place of abode. He seems to have vanished without trace shortly after the photo was captured and is now assumed to have been only the second person in world history to have been assumed direct to the heavens.

Club Secretary Dave Clancy stretched the patience and printing ability of Cube Printing beyond their elastic limits and was lucky to come away unscathed from desperate final-day meetings with TJ Ryan & Co. Cube are allegedly rewriting their procedures booklet in the aftermath, such has been the indelible imprint left on Cube brains following the 'Clancy encounters'.

The Patterson family were within minutes of reporting husband and dad Maurice as a 'missing person' to the Gardaí. Thankfully he showed up just as the call was about to be made, but in a totally incoherent state, having been missing for some five or six days prior. "Nicknames, Nr 9, where is Micheál Costello, will I face a ban, olden days" rambled Maurice to his distressed family, before wife & mentor Lisa wiped the black printer ink from his fingers and fired a few tumblers of hard liquor down his thirsty throat. The alcohol had its intended medicinal effect almost immediately, and the book-weary author assumed the fetal position on the tiled kitchen floor before falling into a deep and silent slumber.

Hours later, Maurice felt the boot of Lisa on his person. "Get up off that floor. Get on your glad rags. We've to be in Bulgaden by eight", instructed Lisa to the still slightly incoherent book author. Sheepishly, he did as instructed.

And so it came to pass that the book was produced just in time for the formal first copy presentation to Adam, as contributors Maurice, PJ, Denis and others looked on with much satisfaction at a finished product that has surely reduced their expected lifespan. Like seriously!

The book content is a vast 'across the ages' review of club happenings from its 1967 foundation. Many match reports appear, compliments of club member and former player Paul Ryan's scrapbooks which he has maintained on all things 'Holycross Soccer' since the late 1970s to the present day, a practice started by his mom and dad Madge & Jack. Team reports from the current season appear for all Boys, Girls and Junior teams. Numerous photos from all club eras are included along with feature articles by various club members. A piece by Denis Flavin on how Micheál Costello went missing in the middle of a game is worth particular mention, as is a greatly entertaining piece on club nicknames by PJ Mulcahy.

Great credit is due to all involved. The finished article is certainly worthy of the occasion, and will be a hard act to follow for future club generations. Copies are available from any committee member and cost € 10.00.

Hon the Cross!!!


Book front cover:

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