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A 'Fiver' well-spent at the 2016 Grange Summer Market

When I read the Grange Cross Residents Association notice of the upcoming 2017 Summer Market, I had good reason to remember the 2016 event, which I attended with my son, Paul, and my young granddaughter, Holly.

Holly had a 'ball', visiting the many stalls and eventually acquiring a couple of books for children plus a couple of toys. The three of us had delicious beefburgers from the O'Sullivan stall, cooked by a world-class barbecuing exponent...I still have the taste in my mouth!

You may wonder where I spent the €5, alluded to in the title of this piece? Well, I visited Frances O'Connell, nurse/midwife, at her stall and had my blood pressure measured - for fun! After taking a second reading, Frances informed me that my BP was very high, in the danger zone, and that I should visit my GP without delay. I asked her if I should also visit an undertaker, but Frances didn't think it was a funny matter - neither did I when I thought about it!

Having worked in the health services for decades, I should know better, but I am rather careless about my personal health, and, so, I hadn't my BP checked for quite a while. By the time I reached home in Limerick, I had resolved to visit my GP, which I did within a few days. My BP readings were very high again, and I was asked to have the pressures checked daily for about a week. For that purpose, I bought a BP monitoring gadget for just €30 in a Limerick pharmacy outlet, and I duly recorded pressures twice daily for a week, noting the readings.

When my GP had sight of the readings, it was decided that I needed BP medication, which was prescribed for me and which I have been taking for almost a year now, and which I will, most likely, require to take into the future. As the GP practice nurse said to me 'it will help keep you safe'. She also advised me to make some lifestyle changes - especially more exercise.

So, a 'fiver' spent with Frances may have prolonged my life or saved me from the affliction of stroke, or both. I owe a great debt of gratitude to the Grange Summer Market and the expertise of Frances. Had I not visited the event in 2016, I would, most likely, be walking around today with very high blood pressure, or, perhaps, I would not be walking around at all!

That BP monitoring gadget that I bought at modest cost is a great item to have in the home - it is a simple procedure to take your own blood pressure or that of another member of the household - it only takes a couple of minutes and is very simply done. Every household should consider acquiring one - it might save a life or prevent a serious illness through early detection of abnormal blood pressure, high or low.

So, if you visit the upcoming 2017 Summer Market at Grange and Frances is 'doing her thing', do spend the requisite few euro and have your BP measured - like me, it may prove a great investment in your health and life.

My sincere thanks to all, Tommy H.

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