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'Orbs' at Grange Stone Circle

Three images taken by Mike Barry at the Grange Stone Circle exhibit a phenomenon known as 'orbs'. They are small circular bright 'objects' that appear at random in photographs, and were taken on the evening of 22 December, 2014. Variously, orbs, or 'energy orbs' as they are sometimes referred to, are attributed to the supernatural or to the laws of physics - make up your own mind.

For his part, Mike rejects the 'dust particle' explanation theory on account of the weather and time of the year when he took the photographs, and he also rejects the 'moisture on the lens' theory because the orbs appear in different places in all three photos (they would be in the exact same positions if moisture droplets on the lens was the explanation). However, Mike does not offer any personal theory or explanation. "They are just there", he says. The following are links to opinions to be found on the Internet - there are many more besides. In any event, orbs are fascinating. When they appear in images taken at the Stone Circle, curiosity is piqued enormously.

#orbs #stonecircle #Grange #photos #supernatural #dust #lens #circularlightobjects

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