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Happy Birthday Mike 'Barlow' O'Donnell

That so fondly regarded Grange-man, Mike Barlow O'Donnell, celebrated his 80th birthday among family members and friends at his home at Marie Goretti Nursing Home, Kilmallock, on Monday afternoon, 12th December.

A high-spirited Mike was delighted at the surprise party for him and as was his wont in days gone by, he regaled all with a rendition of "There Is An Isle", full of feeling and as powerful as ever. Mike was accompanied by lovely guitar music and backing by Ida Hogan.

Mike cut his massive birthday cake while he sipped a glass of red wine and entertained everyone with his renowned wit and remarkable recall of times, events and personalities of yesteryear.

All present, including his sisters, Mary and Nancy; his brother, Jimmy; nieces and nephew; first cousin, Mary-Kate; and his great friend, Mike Prior; as well as other relatives and friends were delighted to see Mike in tip-top form and so obviously enjoying his 80th birthday.

The staff of the Nursing Home left no stone unturned in laying on a great celebration for the birthdayboy - it is no wonder that Mike is so contented at his home in Kilmallock!

After a couple of hours of feasting, singing and reminiscing, the party began to wind down and Mike's family members and friends bade him temporary farewell, providing Mike with his first opportunity of the day to unwrap his many birthday presents.

May you have many more birthdays, Mike Barlow!

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