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The Grange Community Hall at the Old Schoolhouse is Looking Well!


Hi Everyone,

This is an update on the work being carried out and funded by Grange Cross Residents Association (GCRA) at our Community Hall (Old Schoolhouse) in Grange. The hall is a credit to the local volunteers who gave of their time and expertise in upgrading the old schoolhouse rooms to create a Community Hall that is inviting and welcoming, and we look forward to meeting you there at the official opening in due course (date to be announced later).

The improvements and enhancements completed recently include the following:

New Stove Fitted

(1) An 18kW solid fuel stove was purchased and fitted in the main hall area (see image) and the chimney has been insulated. The works have been certified to the highest safety standards by the fitters at Ryan’s Stoves, Parkway Shopping Centre, Limerick.

(2) Blinds have been fitted to all windows in the main hall area (see image).

(3) Curtains have been fitted to windows in the

New Window Blinds Fitted

main hall area.

(4) Walls and ceilings in the two entrance porches have been painted.

(5) All internal doors have been sanded down and painted.

(6) Wood floors have been treated and painted with specialised paint.

Toilet Areas Upgraded

(7) Both toilet areas have been totally cleaned and painted.

GCRA, in conjunction with Limerick City and County Council, has plans for further works to be carried out over the coming winter months, and we will keep you updated as the works progress.

The GCRA Management Committee, under the chairmanship of Kieran Hourigan, wishes to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the community for your continued support and encouragement in our endeavours to provide a Community Hall that is fit for purpose and available for the use of all members of our community for many, many years to come.

We will notify you shortly of the date of the official opening and we sincerely hope that you, your family and friends will join us on the night – it will be special!

P.S. I take this opportunity, on behalf of the GCRA Management Committee and Members, to congratulate Kieran (Hourigan) and his wife, Dolores, on the recent birth of their first grandchild - a beautiful baby girl, Mia Grace. Congratulations to the very proud parents, Sinead and Garry. We wish you all many years of health and happiness.

Best Regards to All.

Miriam Gallagher,

Public Relations Officer - GCRA


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