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Grange Makes A Presentation to Limerick Suicide Watch

Mickey O'Connell, Grange, attired for all weather!

I am delighted to report that arising from our sponsored walk from Liscannor to Doolin via the Cliffs of Moher on Sunday, 29 April 2018, Grange Cross Residents Association (GCRA) presented a handsome cheque of €3,850 to that most deserving cause - Limerick Suicide Watch - at Clancy's Bar and Restaurant in Bruff on Monday, 29 May 2018.

The following were in attendance in addition to the GCRA Committee:

Fr John Daly, Pat Enright, Eileen Hourigan, Chrissey Murphy, Pat Murphy, Jerome Riordan and Peter Ward.

As the CCRA Chairman, I had the honour of saying a few words as follows:

"Reverend Father John Daly, Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of Grange Cross Residents Association, I am delighted to welcome you all this evening to Clancy's Bar & Restaurant here in Bruff for the presentation of a cheque to Limerick Suicide Watch. Our contribution to this wonderful organisation arises from our very successful sponsored walk in the scenic coastal area of County Clare some weeks ago.

GCRA wishes to sincerely thank Jack, Tony and Aoife Clancy and all the staff of the Clancy establishment for the great hospitality laid on for us here this evening.

This evening's presentation would not be possible were it not for the many people who partook in the walk, obtained sponsorship and collected money. Of course, a special word of thanks is due to all of our sponsors. Your collective efforts and generosity made our fundraising event a major success.

GCRA is pleased to award a 'Certificate of Completion' to everybody who walked on the day. I hope that you all enjoyed the marvellous route that we followed.

Back in February of this this year, Jackie O'Connell proposed the organisation of a fundraising 20 kilometre walk from Liscannor to Doolin in association with Limerick Suicide Watch. Jackie's proposal was adopted by GCRA, and, when contacted, Christy Keyes of Limerick Suicide Watch confirmed delight to work with GCRA in organising the event. Such was the success of the walk and the great day out, GCRA in association with Limerick Suicide Watch will repeat the event in 2019 in response to popular demand.

GCRA is honoured to work hand-in-hand with Limerick Suicide Watch to raise funds for this fantastic organisation. In one way or another, each of us is touched by suicide over the course of our lives - be it through family, neighbours, acquaintances or friends. I have witnessed first hand the important work undertaken by the dedicated Limerick Suicide Watch Volunteers. These are marvellous people who make themselves available in all weather conditions. For example, they patrol the four bridges in Limerick City. They do everything possible to help people in distress, enticing them away from harm, offering a friendly word and comfort and, ultimately, saving lives. On behalf of GCRA, our friends and supporters and people at large, I wish to say a sincere 'Thank You' to Limerick Suicide Watch and its Volunteers.

I will now call on Sheila O'Connell and Olive O'Connor to present a cheque to Limerick Suicide Watch representatives, Christy Keyes, Geraldine Keyes and Martine Dooley."

Christy Keyes, on behalf of Limerick Suicide Watch, thanked the Chairman of GCRA and the members of the committee who organised the walk event and the presentation to his organisation.

Following the formalities, a great evening was has had by all at Clancy's.


A note on the Walk on 29 April 2018

At 8.15am, a full coach departed from the car park of Grange Community Hall, bound for Liscannor. The coach stopped at a shop in Liscannor for refreshments. The walk commenced at the Sports Field in Liscannor at 11.30am, the first leg of the walk being to the Cliffs of Moher, where further refreshments were available. The first leg (1.5 hours approximately) was a comfortable and leisurely walk over good walking ground.

Walking requires cooling down!

The second leg of the walk from The Cliffs of Moher to Doolin was over rough terrain with steep inclines and declines (wet in places) at times. This leg was challenging, but the magnificent views at the cliff face were amazing - at times the walking route was only a matter of inches from the sheer cliff edge. Everybody made it to Doolin around 4.30pm, safe and sound and in great spirits. Jackie O'Connell was the last man to arrive! Jackie remained at the rear of the walkers to ensure that everybody made the journey safely. It must have been the first time in his life that Jackie brought up the rear in any walking or running event - Jackie is an accomplished marathon and distance runner.

The following Limerick Suicide Watch Volunteers partook in the walk:

Sarah Counihan, Martine Dooley, John Hehir, Kathleen Hehir, Kiera Joy, Christy Keyes, Geraldine Keyes, Linda Moore, Michelle O'Grady, Mike O'Meara and Mike Quinn.

In Doolin, everybody retired to O'Connor's Pub and Restaurant where dinner was served. A few drinks were consumed and a brilliant traditional music session was enjoyed. Triona Daly and Tommy O'Connell were in great voice and stole the show with their marvellous singing.

Everybody had a wonderful day out, and 2019 can't come around soon enough!

I am unable to report on the arrival time of the coach back in Grange! However, it did so safely.

Photographs from the day out may be viewed below.

My Thanks and Regards to All.

Kieran Hourigan,


Grange Cross Residents Association


Walking requires cooling down!

Mickey O'Connell attired for all weather!


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